After I finished my studies in Information Technology with a Bachelor in A.I. Development at the University of Malta in October 2019 I decided to run a server by the name herzstein.dev. This allows me to upload also binary and zip files. The free WordPress account does not have this functionality. Therefore this WordPress page will be no longer updated. Nevertheless email will keep working info (at) herzste.in

After finishing my Bachelor I got an opportunity to work as a part time intern at LEIPZIG-LAB which is a non-profit institution [run by VISIT e.V. and Stiftung Kunstinformatik] mainly with a focus on art and education. The task was to transfer installations that have been created by artists and builders in opensimulator to a Google Cardboard VR. The task included to create a fitting navigation system for the Cardboard VR Headset. I presented the tools I developed at the OSCC19 Opensimulator Community Conference on December 14, 2019. I used for my development as an example a copy of the opensim installation THE FAKED. THE FAKED is an embassy of THE WRONG Biennale.

Here you find the conference slides:

To get an idea how the world THE FAKED looks in opensimulator you may watch the video by WizardOz Chrome on YouTube.

Search in Google PlayStore for “The Faked VR” and follow the instructions. I also coded a Daydream app [called The Faked VR Daydream]. It has the same navigation. The user base of Daydream is very small and Google stopped a further development so — if there is no request for an enhancement to embed the Daydream controller in the code it will stay this way.

More about the project you find at VR.THEFAKED.COM where I presented the app for the first time on November 9th, 2019 at VR@GESIS. There is also a book KATATONENKUNST where the app is included.